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Guardian RTP 35′ Internal Light Dep


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Guardians Series 35’ RTP Internal Light Dep Dual Frame Greenhouse

 The Guardian Series RTP Greenhouse incorporates an innovative Roll To Peak blackout system, strategically positioned on a secondary internal greenhouse frame. This configuration not only shields the blackout system from the impact of wind and snow but also results in a substantially more cost-effective solution compared to traditional cable-driven blackout systems. Specifically designed for regions experiencing winds exceeding 40mph, this system is the ideal choice for those requiring an engineered structure with enhanced stability.

Greenhouse Style

 The Guardian Greenhouse Series showcases a robust design crafted from commercial-grade hot-dip galvanized steel framing, adopting a semi-gable style. This greenhouse boasts oval tubing bows and sturdy 2×4′ uprights, ensuring superior strength and formidable protection against diverse climate conditions. With an impressive average peak height of 18 feet and a sidewall height of 7 feet, this structure provides ample space for cultivating a wide array of plants.

What sets this greenhouse apart is its commitment to quality and resilience. The pre-welded cathedral-style truss system not only reinforces structural integrity but also ensures these greenhouses are well-equipped to withstand high snow and wind loads without compromising on headroom or escalating costs. Every frame and material in the Greenhouse Series is pre-fabricated, facilitating swift construction without compromising on precision or durability.



 The blackout system integrated into this greenhouse mirrors the functionality of our external light deprivation greenhouses. Propelled by two motors, this system efficiently raises and lowers along the internal greenhouse frame, adhering to your specified lighting photoperiod schedule. Whether programmed with a straightforward timer or incorporated into our advanced automation packages compatible with your environmental controls, the internal blackout system ensures seamless operation.

This technology offers comprehensive light control, eliminating the need for a cable-driven system and minimizing associated costs.


30′ Structures

Standard features

Sturdy Galvanized Steel Framing

Our frames are made from N. American Galvanized steel and pre-punched plus pre-drilled for easy installation. The outside frame uses oval tubing that is hot dipped galvanized with pre welded trusses and is rated for some of the strongest snow loads in the US. The inner frame is another robust galvanized frame able to handle the weight of additional hanging equipment.

Interior Roll-To-Peak Light Deprivation

Fullbloom’s custom designed, dual motor blackout system uses a white/black poly full covering, including end walls, to protect against light leaks. This system rolls up and down the inner frame and is protected from wind and snow.

Solarig Woven Poly Coverings

Forget polycarbonate, Solarig Greenhouse poly is the strongest polyethylene in the world and gives you the ability to use an inflated double poly layer to significantly increase insulation values over polycarbonate. This poly has anti-condensate treatment to reduce dripping and potential mold/mildew outbreaks, as well as light diffusion properties for even canopy coverage.

Options & upgrades

Custom Design Automation Systems

Choose from our standard digital timer and thermostat package or fully automation your environmental controls with our custom designed, UL listed Link4 iGrow 800 Automation system. Comes standard with contactor/relay panel, 4 – 22 amp 3 contactor modules and NEMA 4 enclosure.

Auto Roll Up Sides

Roll up sides already come standard. Want to automate your sides to roll up based on temperature? Add Auto Roll up sides to your kit for set it and forget it automation. When the air outside the greenhouse is a better temperature than inside, the sidewall roll ups will open and improve climate conditions without relying on ventilation equipment. Available with anti insect netting.

Double Poly Inflation Kit

There is no better insulation value then a double poly inflation kit. Using two layers of polyethylene and an inflation system, we create a deep air bubble, providing insulation for energy retention. You can inflate the full structure, or just the roof to allow for versatility in sidewall operation. This provides a 40% energy savings over polycarbonate and adds strength for wind and snow resistance.


Essential for humid climates, choose from various size dehumidifiers to aid in properly maintaining ideal humidity for healthy plants. Allows for VPD control, limits powdery mildew outbreaks, and improves crop quality.

Natural Gas & Propane Heating

Maintaining a uniform environment is essential to growing healthy plants. Utilize the industry best Reznor propane or natural gas heaters to automatically heat greenhouse as needed. Overhead heaters will help with controlling VPD levels, so you can maintain an ideal growing environment in any climate.

High-end Exhaust Fans

We offer the industry’s best quality US & Dutch made exhaust fans to ensure you always have proper airflow and can cool your plants in the heat of the summer. Choose from budget friendly and highly efficient options depending on the size of your structure and project location. Our fans are designed for efficiency and operate at a higher CFM for better air exchange and optimized use of energy. Exhaust Fans and Intakes are packaged with light traps to prevent light leaks when operating while the greenhouse is dark.

Grow Lights

Use the right lights for your climate, growing goals, and budget. We help guide you through the process of choosing lights and ideal placement. Choose from energy efficient LED’s, LEC’s, and high power HPS lights. All tested and vetted for greenhouse efficacy and results.

V-Flo Vertical Fans

Combined with horizontal airflow fans, V-flo fans by Vostermans creates the ideal solution for heat distribution throughout the greenhouse. Mounted in the ridge of the structure, they help break up heat and humidity by pulling air from below the fan and pushing it out for more consistent temperatures.

Fogging Systems

High pressure fogging systems by Fogco provide additional cooling and humidifying options for dry and high temp climates. Additionally the high pressure fog droplets encapsulate airborne molecules, causing dust particles to become heavy and fall from the air.

Insect Screen

Cover your intakes and your sidewalls with insect screen to prevent moths and other pests from entering the greenhouse. Choose from various sizes that can eliminate all but the smallest pests.