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 The Titan Cathedral Series Gothic Blackout Greenhouse stands out as the most spacious and economically efficient stand-alone greenhouse currently offered in the market.


 Enhance your cultivation capabilities with the Titan, a greenhouse engineered for optimal efficiency and spacious interiors. This expansive structure, measuring 30′ in width and ranging from 72′ to 144′ in length, provides an ideal environment for a variety of crops.

The Titan boasts vertical sidewalls, standing at a standard height of 10′, with a generous curtain height of approximately 14′. This design ensures maximum light transmission, thanks to the 27-degree roof pitch. Specifically crafted to cater to delicate crops like cannabis, the tall ceiling height maintains ideal cooling and airflow, preventing damage from excess heat and humidity.

Tailor the Titan to your preferences by choosing between a poly film or polycarbonate covering. For enhanced durability and longevity, consider our 8 ml woven poly film. Various sidewall ventilation options, along with the choice of single or double ridge vents, allow you to customize the greenhouse to meet your specific needs.

Take your cultivation to the next level by incorporating an interior blackout and shade curtain system. The Titan Gothic style greenhouse seamlessly accommodates our automated light deprivation systems, offering you advanced control over your growing environment.

Designed to be versatile, the Titan can be equipped with steel endwalls, transforming it into a multi-purpose building. With a robust 50 PSF snow rating, this greenhouse can withstand the challenges of high-snow environments, making it suitable for all 50 states.

In today’s evolving landscape of greenhouse cultivation, a light deprivation system is essential. Our fully automated light deprivation greenhouse empowers growers to schedule harvests 3-5 times a year by harnessing the sun in a controlled environment. Achieve indoor quality flower from outdoor plants while reducing start-up costs and environmental impact.

Installing our light deprivation greenhouses is a breeze, offering quick and easy setup. Utilize the automated controls to schedule blackout periods and manage environmental conditions, eliminating the need for daily tarp adjustments. Elevate your cultivation experience with the Titan – a wise choice for a large, stand-alone greenhouse engineered for success in any region.


 Ensuring precise control of your plants’ photoperiods is paramount for their success. Any inadvertent light exposure during their dark periods can lead to issues with your crops, potentially resulting in financial losses.

Our interior blackout system offers years of worry-free operation, setting it apart from other blackout systems in the market. Unlike standard designs, ours utilizes a sophisticated “pull-pull” cable-driven mechanism, delivering an enhanced light-tight seal. The inclusion of a patented sealing extrusion further ensures a tighter blackout when closed. The precision system effortlessly opens into compact bundles, optimizing the amount of light that reaches each canopy. With a manufacturer rating of over ten years of maintenance-free operation, this system stands out for its high tension and consistent seal.

Addressing concerns about longevity and wear, our blackout system employs a specialized hook and lever system. This design prevents blackout fabric from rubbing and tearing over time, offering extended usability before any replacement is required.

For ease of installation, every component of the system comes pre-fabricated with pre-installed connection points, facilitating a seamless setup by a professional contractor.

The included three-phase Ridder gearbox motor is pre-wired with a reverse function and a manual operating switch, ensuring convenience in operation. This motor seamlessly integrates with any environmental or automation controller, thanks to its variable frequency drive (VFD) that guarantees long-lasting reliability and performance.


30′ Structures

Standard features

Sturdy Galvanized Steel Framing

Our frames are made from N. American Galvanized steel and pre-punched plus pre-drilled for easy installation. Comes with full end wall framing for mounting equipment. Rust free for life.

Total Blackout Light Deprivation Curtains

Proprietary pull-pull cable driven design with seamless meeting points at aluminum seal angles to provide a more reliable blackout than rack & pinion systems. Uses industry best Dutch Ridder motors & triple layer blackout fabric to provide a long life to the system.

Polycarbonate Endwalls

In all our interior blackout models, twinwall white and black polycarbonate is included for total blackout control, wind resistance, and best in class insulation.

Solarig Woven Poly Coverings

Provide greater longevity by reducing tear risks with Solarig woven poly coverings. This poly has anti-condensate treatment to reduce dripping and potential mold/mildew outbreaks, as well as light diffusion properties for even canopy coverage.

Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Framing

Utilizing oval and square tubing, our greenhouse frames are engineered to withstand extreme climates. Hot dipped galvanized, pre punched, and pre drilled. These are not your standard Roll form (fence material) greenhouses.

Pre Welded Cathedral Truss Supports

Our pre welded cathedral truss systems follow the curve of the roof allowing for maximum height under truss. Easier to install than standard assembled trusses. Our system allows for taller plant canopy, the use of benches, and more height under black out curtains for better climate controls. 

Total Blackout Light Deprivation Curtains

Proprietary pull-pull cable driven design with seamless meeting points at aluminum seal angles to provide a more reliable blackout than rack & pinion systems. Uses industry best Dutch Ridder motors & triple layer blackout fabric to provide a long life to the system

Poly Coverings

6ml IRAC Clear Anti condensate, UV blocking & Light Diffusions. Helps reduce energy loss, prevent water droplets from dropping onto plants, and produces better light distribution for more plant growth. Pairs well with optional inflated roof kits for added insulation.

Sidewall Roll Ups

Cool your greenhouse down faster during fair weather days with our standard sidewall roll up kit. Featuring an easy to use hand crank, you can roll up your sides to the top of the sidewall in just a few moments.

High Sidewalls

All of our light deprivation  greenhouse models are built for tall flowering plants. Starting at 6’6 with optional height adjustments to 12’. Fullbloom’s greenhouses provides high sidewalls while still capable of handling extreme snow and wind loads.

Options & upgrades

Custom Design Automation Systems

Choose from our standard digital timer and thermostat package or fully automation your environmental controls with our custom designed, UL listed Link4 iGrow 800 Automation system. Comes standard with contactor/relay panel, 4 – 22 amp 3 contactor modules and NEMA 4 enclosure.

Double Poly Inflation Kit

There is no better insulation value then a double poly inflation kit. Using two layers of 6mil polyethylene and an inflation system, we create a deep air bubble, providing insulation for energy retention. You can inflate the full structure, or just the roof to allow for versitility in sidewall operation. This provides a 40% energy savings over polycarbonate and adds strength for wind and snow resistance.

Insect Screen

Cover your intakes with insect screen to prevent moths and other pests from entering the greenhouse. Reduces the need for insecticide use.

Odor Elimination

Tested and guaranteed odor elimination options for locations with strict odor laws. A fogging system is used on the exhaust fans and ridge vents with an additive that neutralizes 100% of all odors.

Automated Ridge Vents

All of our interior light deprivation greenhouses come with the option for a manual or automated ridge vent. Usually around 6’ wide and spanning the length of the greenhouse, a ridge vent is a great way to passively remove heat and humidity build up. It’s an ideal solution for hot climates to help reduce energy costs from active cooling through ventilation.

Fogging Systems

High pressure fogging systems by Fogco provide additional cooling and humidifying options for dry and high temp climates. Additionally the high pressure fog droplets encapsulate airborne molecules, causing dust particles to become heavy and fall from the air.


Essential for humid climates, choose from various size dehumidifiers to aid in properly maintaining ideal humidity for healthy plants. Allows for VPD control, limits powdery mildew outbreaks, and improves crop quality.

Evaporative Cooling

Significantly lower greenhouse temperatures with evaporative cooling. Used on the intake side of the greenhouse, our evaporative cooling systems use cold water to cool down air as it’s drawn through the pads, bringing coller air through the greenhouse. Additionally, evaporative cooling systems help to neutralize pollen and outside contaminates.

Natural Gas & Propane Heating

Maintaining a uniform environment is essential to growing healthy plants. Utilize the industry best Reznor propane or natural gas heaters to automatically heat greenhouse as needed. Overhead heaters will help with controlling VPD levels, so you can maintain an ideal growing environment in any climate.

High-end Exhaust Fans

We offer the industry’s best quality US & Dutch made exhaust fans to ensure you always have proper airflow and can cool your plants in the heat of the summer. Choose from budget friendly and highly efficient options depending on the size of your structure and project location. Our fans are designed for efficiency and operate at a higher CFM for better air exchange and optimized use of energy. Exhaust Fans and Intakes are packaged with light traps to prevent light leaks when operating while the greenhouse is dark.

Grow Lights

Choose from a selection of the best grow lights specifically meant for Greenhouses. From IP7 waterproof LED’s to gold standard double ended HPS lights, and more. Fullbloom will help you choose the right grow lights for your greenhouse location and budget.

Ventilation Equipment

Every greenhouse needs proper ventilation in order to remove hot air and humidity from the greenhouse. Fullbloom will look up your specific weather data and to provide the best options for ventilation, including exhaust fans, circulation fans, vertical V flow fans, intake louvers, light traps, and more. 

Inflated Double Poly Insulation

Every grower in moderate to cold climates should consider an inflated roof package for greenhouse cultivation. Two layers of polyethylene are locked into place in the roof and blowers are added to create a bubble of air in the roof (with optional sidewall inflation). This provides the best energy saving of any covering, even the more expensive twinwall polycarbonate. 

Evaporative Cooling Walls

Evaporative cooling walls harness the natural process of evaporation to significantly lower temperatures within the greenhouse. By saturating absorbent pads with water and and using negative air pressure with exhaust fans, temperatures can see 10-20 degree drops. Ideal for most growers in high heat climates

Twinwall Polycarbonate Side Walls

Polycarbonate siding is essential for extreme cold climates where snow shed from the greenhouse can put pressure on the main greenhouse frame, and provides for significantly more heat retention than a standard soft polyethylene. Pairs well with a ridge vent for passive air removal.

Automated Ridge Vents

Automated ridge vents are one of the best methods of passively controlling your  greenhouse climate. Our extra large 4’ ridge vent allows for hot air and humidity to naturally rise out of the greenhouse, putting less pressure on the ventilation equipment and keeping your electrical bill lower. Paired well with our V-flow fans that help push air vertically through the roof.

High Pressure Fogging & Odor Mitigation

High pressure fogging systems further help with cooling down a greenhouse as atomized water flash evaporates above the plant canopy, producing cooler temperatures. Generally paired with an evaporation cooling wall in extreme heat & dry climates, fogging can also help with pest prevention and the spreading of pollen. Additionally, full odor mitigation options are available cultivators dealing with odor mitigation laws.

HVAC Heating & Dehumidification

Control your temperature and humidity with custom quoted equipment specific for your local climate and growing goals. Fullbloom will pull your weather data to provide a custom solution for your greenhouse, preventing temperature and humidity swings for optimal plant health.

Automation Systems

Choose from standard thermostat controls to fully automated environmental controls like our standard Link4 & Climate Boss automation systems. These systems work seamlessly with all your greenhouse components to maintain temperature, humidity, and proper airflow. Available with pre built power panels, humidity sensors, weather stations, and much more. Fullbloom has your automation covered.