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Dominic Powell

Fullbloom has proven to me that they make some of the best greenhouses in the entire USA. I am thoroughly happy with the product they have made and the support they have afforded me over the past two years. I would recommend their stuff to anyone that is interested in quality. Don't let what you consider a high price scare you away, their stuff is built to last and perform.

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Dayla Watson

Amanda is wonderful for install support. She is quick to respond and helpful. This was my first install from full bloom as a General Contractor. Great experience. Thank you!

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Joseph Hauser

FullBloom is the top of the line, industry leading light dep company with the best customer service I’ve seen in the greenhouse industry! The team over there has been very responsive and helpful through the sales, build, and beyond. They treat me as if I’m a new customer even to this day. These houses crank weight too, so don’t sleep on this purchase, you get what you pay for and skimping on the foundation is not the way to go. Fullbloom fam all the way!!!!

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Asleep With Dreams

Matt & Eric plus team 'full bloom' are great!! Best place for a full auto light dep. greenhouse. -Rogue Farmers

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Sometimes I Help

Definitely looked around for a business around the valley that would work for my setup for a while. Was really surprised with FullBloom’s service here, the staff is super knowledgeable and personable. They were super easy to work with and delivered on what they promised during my first consultation. Look forward to working with them next time I need infrastructure change.

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Anna Johnson

FullBloom is the only company to use for all your Greenhouse needs! Matt is highly qualified!

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Our Trilogy: Time

Really friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff.. They helped me when I was in a bind on getting me some new equipment asap!

frequently asked questions

What size greenhouses does FullBloom offer?

We are excited to offer both 20 foot and 30 foot wide models to best suit the needs of your growing operation.  Choose your length from 20 feet (available only on 20’ wide models) to 95 feet long!

Which style of greenhouse should I consider?

The 20′ wide Evergreen greenhouse is a straight wall “quonset” frame. That means it has straight sidewalls and the roof has a gentle curve. That provides more room for your growing plants than the common hoop greenhouse shape. Our 30′ wide greenhouse frame uses a Semi Gable design (pointed roof and straight sides). This gives lots of room for vertical plant growth and also operates great in high snow and high wind environments.

What’s the difference between your auto light deprivation greenhouses and the standard model?

Auto light deprivation takes all the work out of running a light deprivation system. On a standard greenhouse, light deprivation is a great way to maximise your number of harvests per year and produce your product when the market demand is high. However, it also means that in order to keep your plants on the proper light cycle, you have to visit the grow site multiple times per day to either raise or lower the blackout poly on your greenhouse by hand. It’s grueling work and if your timing is off by even a few minutes in either direction, your plants could suffer. Our auto light dep system takes care of that work for you. You can program the timer to raise and lower the poly at the same time every day, eliminating all the hassle and worry.

What makes your auto blackout system different than the competition?

Here at Fullbloom we pride ourselves on making sure all of your needs are met. Not only are our blackout kits fully automated, but we give you everything you need to automate every aspect of your grow, including temperature and humidity control. We have all-year-round-growing upgrades available, down to a recommended lighting package. We provide detailed plans and instructions for our packages. You can also reach our support team for any questions you may have along the way, including installation and setup support.

What accessories do I need to grow through the winter?

Winter growing can be complex, but we have all the accessories you need to produce all year round. Below is a recommended list of what you will need.

  • Support trusses
  • Motorized intake louvers
  • Supplemental lighting
  • Propane or Radiant Heating
  • Poly inflation fan kit
  • Extra layer of poly
  • Anti-drip poly upgrade

For more information, check out our Winter Growing FAQ.

Are there solar/off grid options?

Yes. Our controllers will operate smoothly with a solar setup. However, the typical AC powered exhaust fan and HAF (horizontal airflow fan) setup will pull too much power for most off-the-grid setups. We recommend using high efficiency DC solar fans, which we can custom quote for any package.

How well does the system hold up to high snow/high wind?

If you are in an area where high wind and snow levels can become a concern, you will want to consider getting our High Country Series Greenhouse. This series comes with a full support truss kit to help bear the extra weight of snow loads and any additional winter accessories you might be hanging, such as heaters or lighting. Call our sales team for more information on how to combat extreme weather.

How do your prices compare to the competition?

We are the most affordable, fully automated light dep company on the market. We don’t cut corners with automation and quality of manufacturing or the proper electronics needed to maintain a fully automated system nor do we price gouge like some of the other guys.

Where are the greenhouses manufactured?

Our greenhouses are designed and manufactured right here in Oregon.

Can I install this myself?

We try to make the installation process as easy as possible, but as with any large project, a construction background will be helpful. Detailed blueprints along with installation instructions are provided with purchase. We even have an installation support team on staff. If you are located within Southern and Central Oregon we have a highly skilled third-party contractor we can refer you to. We highly suggest working with a professional installer on at least your first greenhouse to smooth out any potential issues.

What if I need permits?

Contact your local municipality for all permit inquiries and requirements, these will change from county to county. Our greenhouses are non-coded structures, meaning they cannot be permitted, so they are generally used as non-permanent structures. However, if your county requires a coded structure on your land, we can work with you and an engineer to get you what you need. Contact a sales rep for more information on coded structures.

What is the average lead time?

Our current average time is 4-5 weeks however it is best to plan far ahead. We try to give you the most accurate shipment dates possible. However, manufacturing lead times are subject to change based on seasonality, order volume and back orders on specific products. Ask your sales representative for current lead time estimates when placing your order.  We are not liable for any cost that incur due to delays.

What kind of warranties are offered?

Most of our electrical components are covered with a one year manufacturer’s warranty to the original purchaser. This does not tend to cover shipping costs and insurance. Call our sales representatives for more information.

Do you offer support for the iGrow Controller?

While we have a thorough understanding of the application of the iGrow within our specific system, we do not have qualified technicians to troubleshoot internal problems that may arise. However, the manufacturer has a full-time support line for both training and troubleshooting. For any issues call Link4 toll free at 866.755.5465.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the large amount of equipment used in building a greenhouse, the amount of labor, and the high shipping costs we are not able to provide a refund once production has been started. We work hard to make every order right in the event anything goes wrong or components are missing. We rely on our repeat business and good reputation for our success.

How does shipping work?

All greenhouse orders are quoted without shipping. Because of the standard size of a kit, shipping quotes will be pulled closer to time of delivery. Any shipping quote that is pulled before production is complete is subject to change based on broker rates. Properties will need to be able to accomodate a 54’ semi, providing a place to turn around on an easily accessible road. It is also preferable for the customer to have heavy duty equipment to unload the truck, as hand unloading can take multiple hours and incur charges. The customer is also welcome to arrange for a pick-up if preferred. Contact a sales rep for more information on shipping requirements.