Auto Light Deprivation Conversion Package


Auto Light Deprivation Conversion (commonly referred to as auto blackout retrofits) are custom built to fit almost any greenhouse size on the market. This package gives you everything you need to blackout your greenhouse and automate your environmental controls (exhaust fans, light traps, and accessories sold separately). Our conversion bundles offer the ease and simplicity of auto light deprivation without the cost and inconvenience of replacing a perfectly good greenhouse setup. For an existing grow site, a conversion is the most efficient way to optimize your operation.



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Each conversion package includes:

    • Motors, control box, and timer
    • Custom precision vertical climb system
    • 8mm string reinforced blackout poly (white outside, black inside) for both the main greenhouse structure and end walls
    • All the necessary channel and wiggle wire to attach the poly
    • Galvanized steel running the length of your greenhouse along the top and both sides

In an effort to simplify your retrofit experience, our packages come equipped with all the basics to get started quickly and easily. Be sure to examine your grow to make sure you are covered for all other possible needs. The automated controller can also take care of exhaust fans, motorized louvers and HAF (Horizontal Airflow Fans) to improve ventilation and improve plant health.

Optional equipment to fully automate your grow:

    • Exhaust fans
    • Breathable walls
    • HAF fans
    • Motorized louvers
    • Heating
    • Supplemental lighting


    • Your greenhouse should be on level ground.
    • Have at least 12 amps of power available.
    • No obstructions on the roof of the greenhouse (such as a ridge vent).
    • A solid steel framing. We do not suggest using our system on PVC hoop houses.
    • A moderate climate. The motors, though usable in all weathers, are not meant to sit in the snow.

Installation Proccess

Installation is simple and can usually be accomplished in a day or two with our detailed instructions. Be sure to have 2-3 friends on hand to help position the new blackout plastic. Exact measurements and following the instructions in detail is essential to limit problems. Troubleshoot any issues directly after installation and feel free to give our installation support staff a call to resolve anything that arises.

In order to get a quote simply give us a call with your greenhouse dimensions today. We need the basic dimensions (height, length, and width) along with a base to base measurement (from bottom board, over the top, to bottom board) for blackout poly. This can be done by running a tape measure over the greenhouse or using a rope and then measure the rope against a tape measure.

Every customer should read our Common Questions and Shipping FAQs before ordering.